Redding Places of Interest

Beautiful man made and natural wonders surround Redding CA, below you will find some of that local beauty.  More information About Redding CA can be found on that page!!

Pictures of Redding

Within Redding there are many places of interest, some included on this page and many others below on thier individual pages...
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Sundial Bridge

The Sundial Bridge in Redding is a truly beatiuful bridge structure with a glass deck, built in 1999 as a part of...
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Sacramento River

The heartbeat of Far Northern California is certainly The Sacramento River which flows through the center of Redding...
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Whiskeytown Lake

Whiskeytown Lake is primarily a recreation lake that is kept full through the warmer months, it is part of...
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Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake is the largest lake in California with 365 miles of shoreline.  It was created by the construction of Shasta Dam in 1945...
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Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta dominates the northern view from Redding.  This 14,179 foot tall mountain is within an 60 minute drive and is surrounded by wilderness...
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Mt. Lassen
National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park is the the dominate view to the east of Redding.  Mt Lassen and the  accompaniying peaks create...
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Burney Falls

President Teddy Roosevelt once called the 129 foot tall Burney Falls as the eighth wonder of the world.  The water pours out of the Basalt rock...
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Shasta State Historic Park

The town of Shasta is located 6 miles west of Redding.  It is the epicenter of the gold rush in the area and home to the State State Historic Park...
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Terrific neighborhoods in these Gated Redding Real Estate communities.

Castle Crags State Park

Only 45 miles north of Redding is the majestic Granite rock outcropping.  The Crags and surrounding Wilderness Areas await... More Pictures & Info

Waterfalls Near Redding

Many beautfiul waterfalls are nearby:  Burney, Potem, McCloud, Hedge Creek, Mossbrae and many others...
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Fishing in Northern California

World class fishing:  Fly fish the Upper Sac, Bass tourney's at Shasta Lake, Trout on Hat Creek, Salmon on the Sacramento River & many more...
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Redding Trails

The Sacramento River Trail system and its extensions for hikers and bikers has gained national attention and boasts over 225 miles within 15 miles of Redding...
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Redding Golf Courses

Golf in the Redding area is possible year around...
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Kool April Nites

Kool April Nights annual car show is the highlight to many smaller car shows throughout the area..
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