Kool April Nites, Redding CA

Kool April Nites Car Show in Redding is often scheduled for the last week of April.    With approximately 1800 cars in the show annually it is quite a sight to both see and enjoy.  People and their cars from far and wide are drawn to Redding at a terrific time of year.


 A multitude of events occur in addition to the Saturday & Sunday Car Show.  These include the Friday Night Cruise, concerts, dances and annual Asphalt Cowboys Breakfast.  There are many official and unofficial "show and shines" in the week preceding the main event.  These "show and shines" are hosted by local businesses and I can attest they can be a bunch of fun!


The Friday night cruise travels in a circular loop moving north on Hilltop Drive, east on Dana Dr, south on Churn Creek Rd. and finishes westbound on Cypress Avenue back to Hilltop Dr.  Many businesses located along the Cruise route set up events both public and private.  The locals citizens come out in droves supporting of the show and cruise which support many local causes with the proceeds.


The Kool April Nites car show is held at the Redding Convention Center and its surrounding grounds including the Redding Rodeo Grounds, thy have a website also.

The show location is adjacent to the Sacramento River, Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay Arboretum which are all connected through the extensive Redding Sacramento River Trail System.