Whiskeytown Lake, Redding CA

A beautiful lake with recreation as its primary focus only minutes from Redding


The forests around Whiskeytown Lake are undergoing a rejuvenation after a devastating fire in 2019.  These phots are from prior to that fire and while it is still beautiful it is a bit different now.


The Oak Bottom area is terrific for paddling as the speed of motorboats is limited and there are small coves to visit. It's an area that is ideal for Canoeing and Kayaking. In the summer months in the Brandy Creek area of Whiskeytown the Park Service offers moonlight guided kayak tours and guided moonlight hiking. You can see more of the summer programs. or visit their things to do list.


On very rare occasions snow will fall in the amount shown, its an oddity but beautiful.  The lake is at an elevation of 1214 feet, while Redding located 15 minutes east is at 500 feet in elevation.

Whiskeytown Lake is a beautiful lake that is kept full through the summer as a part of the Sacramento Valley Project. The lake is a favorite at different times of year for water skiing and sailing.  The reservoir was dedicated by President Kennedy on September 28, 1963.


Whiskeytown Lake is within the Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area which encompasses 246,087 acres.  This one of many State and national forest lands in out area.  Whiskeytown Falls has a trail leading to it and is a pretty place to visit, it is located just beyond the west end of the lake.


Shasta State Historic Park is an interesting historic relic of the gold rush days and is located between Redding and Whiskeytown Lake.