Shasta State Historic Park

Our area was settled in the 1850's during the Gold Rush era, the town of Shasta is a beautiful relic of those days and has been saved within the Shasta State Historic Park..


Shasta was the largest settlement in the area at this time, many of locals know it as "Old Shasta" to help identify it in conversation given the county, lake and mountain all share the name.  It is located between Redding and Whiskeytown Lake just a few miles west of town.


Interestingly Redding was establish later as the Railroad was being built in the central valley along the Sacramento River.  The Railroad construction reached Redding in 1868 and terminated there, it was connected to the north in 1887.  Not long after Redding was established the county seat and central business district moved there.


Shasta State Historic Park

With the founding of the Historic Park the remnants of the buildings have been saved as well as running of some summer programs and tours starting at the restored Courthouse Museum.