Mt. Shasta

Mt Shasta stands alone and at the elevation of 14,179 feet yet it appears to be even higher and more dramatic!


"Three Shasta's" the iconic view! 

The view of Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake and Mt. Shasta is a magical place.  The Mountain is perhaps even more beautiful I believe due to standing alone with little else nearby.  You always know what direction north is in Redding by looking up and seeing this statuesque mountain, a one hour drive north on Interstate 5.


The Mount Shasta here as seen from McCloud.


In the summer months glaciers can be seen once the annual snow has melted.  Even with our warm climate, when you're that high in altitude the cold takes over.  On the north side of Mt Shasta is home to the four largest glaciers in California.  This photo is from the golf course at the resort.

Shasta Dam, Redding CA

Mt Shasta

From the base of Shasta Dam exits the Sacramento River which traverses down river to Redding.