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Previous client Reviews, Comments & Recommendations are a great indicator to future results!

Some of my previous clients have been very kind to have taken their time to provide their experiences with me as a Realtor in Redding CA. I truly appreciate the concerted effort it takes. Some people have sent notes which you can see below. Others have posted on the internet, you can see those by using the links.

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Personal Notes

These have been sent directly to me as a Realtor in Redding CA. In each case permission was given to be added to this page.  Some people are not familiar or comfortable writing online reviews. 

Donald Willis:

Hi Eric; Thanks very much for everything you did to help me get my house sold. I appreciate the timely manner in which you returned all my phone calls, made changes, and kept me updated whenever anything changed regarding my property. In the purchase of my last home, I believe that your professional knowledge and experience helped me to get everything finalized within a small window of time. This time, my goal was to get the house sold before the Thanksgiving Holiday, and we did!

Thanks again, Donald Willis

As Don mentioned I had helped he and his wife purchase their home, unfortunately Don lost his wife of 56 years after a battle with cancer. When Don first called he was very interested in getting the home sold and getting closer to his family immediately afterward. People close to him and I encouraged him to take a bit of time before making that decision. He did, and when he made his decision it was time to get it done. He had a specific timeline in mind....and we did it!

I have always felt that having a previous client come back to me (or refer a client) is the biggest compliment I can receive as a Redding Realtor!

Thank you Don, it was a pleasure.

Alan Harrell:

Thanks again, for everything. You provided a professional and calming expertise during an emotional process. Without your guidance, navigating the process of selling our deceased parent's Estate property would have been a nightmare. You took care of all the ins and outs of the transaction and remained supportive and understanding through the process. We couldn't have asked for a better Agent, and we will use you for any future Real Estate needs in Shasta County.

Unfortunately Alan and his sister suddenly lost their mother and for a young man in his early 20's he handled himself wonderfully. He kept up with all the details throughout the process of selling the home and it was a pleasure to help them.

Dave Uribe:

I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for my family and I. You have gone beyond being a Realtor. You have walked me through the purchase of three houses and I feel that you have gone above your duty as a Realtor to help me through this so much to the point that I consider you a friend. If there are any further purchases of homes in my future, you know who I will be using. Thank you very much Eric.

Dave most recently was looking for a home for himself and his two boys, we found one that worked great for them. Previously I was able to help him on a couple other homes that he had bought and sold. I love it when people come back to me, or refer someone. As a Redding Realtor it's the best compliment I can receive.

As a local Realtor in Redding I truly appreciate clients who have written personal notes and posted online reviews telling of thier experiences with my services.

Jim & Linda Ksenzulak:

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us with our new home. It was a real pleasure to meet and work with you!  We look forward to working with you we we list our home this summer.

It's great to get those comments from such nice people. It was a pleasure to help them and I also look forward to helping them again in the near future.

Redding sometimes feels large and other times small. I helped Ray & Leanna a couple years ago purchase their home, unknown to us at the time Jim & Linda were at the house warming that I also was invited to and attended. We didn't have a chance to meet that day and our coming together later was by chance. Funny, and great all at the same time.  I also knew their son-in-law ..... strange and terrific, must have been meant to be!

Follow up:  Jim & Linda were nice enough to have me help them again with the sale, it went well and I look forward to seeing them for years to come.

Robert & Heather Jimenez:

To anyone considering a Realtor- We recommend Eric. Eric worked for our best interest and maintained a very good working relationship with all parties involved in the transaction and he did so in a timely manner!

You are our kind of guy! You found us our house fast and guided us through the process. Through you, we have met some great people like our bank lady, and the sellers Realtor. We are now in our home and we are very glad that we found you. You are professional with a sense of humor, you are realistic, and accommodating.

Muchas Gracias mi amigo Regards, Robert and Heather Jimenez

Robert and Heather were living along the north coast of California near Eureka and wanted to get out of the fog. I'm happy to have been of help to a couple who were never short on smiles. They were able to get moved quickly to a nice home in Cottonwood that suited their taste and I hope they enjoy it for years to come.

Jimmie & Susan Chism:

Dear Eric,

Jim and I want to thank you for your help in purchasing our new home in the Vineyards. We are finally here, and we absolutely love it!

You made our move so much easier for us. With us being out of the area, your close attention to new listings and prompt notification of them, helped us find the perfect home. During the transfer of the property, again you went out of your way to make sure everything went smoothly with inspections, negotiations and you were available for any questions we may have had, no matter how insignificant.

No one could have a better agent whether one chooses to sell or buy.  Come by and see us often.

Jimmie and Susann Chism

This was a fun one! Jimmie is full of energy and knew what he wanted. Susann and her sister worked on keeping up with him while politely yet gently nudging him towards a home that would work...and they both were happy in the end, what a great result.

Francine McCray:

Thank you.

After 12 months with another agent, we turned to you, and two months later you sold my deceased brothers home. Not living in Redding was not a problem. You kept in touch and walked me though everything. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you so very much !!

Francine and her sister Barbara had a bad experience with another agent as you can see by her comments. We were able to get the home sold in a reasonable amount of time in difficult market conditions. I was happy to be able to help them close this difficult chapter in their lives.  I appreciate their Review as a Redding Realtor.

Catherine Bowyer:

Eric Lewis is a real 'full-service broker'.  When it came time to sell the family home in Redding, there were no family members located close enough to take care of the many details that come up in the process of showing and then the nightmare of selling of a home "long distance". Eric handled all matters as they came up, he walked us through and kept the 'deal' alive through close of escrow, all the while keeping us posted on a regular basis.

Eric showed the home on his web site to its very best advantage, an approach not even considered by other brokers.

We will and have commissioned Eric to handle our other properties in Shasta County.

Catherine is very dear lady who has helped her family liquidate their holdings in the Redding area. The great part of this story is this medium, the internet... brought us together. After she found me, we have had a terrific working relationship via the phone, fax, and e-mail. I have yet to meet her in person but we have logged many hours on the phone. Perhaps one day I'll be able to give her a "big hug".

Follow up: We were able to complete the liquidation of another of the family properties and I still have yet to meet her in person, perhaps one day in the future.

Jim Ferguson:


Thank you for the professional service in selling my aunt's house on Airstrip Road. You were one of four agents we spoke with prior to listing the house for sale. Your presentation displayed honesty, preparation, and knowledge of the Redding Real Estate market which exceeded that of the other agents we spoke with. Those qualities continued once we listed with you, including with the presentation of purchase offers and the steps necessary successfully close the sale. You kept me informed during the process and quickly forwarded offers and responded to my many questions.

If in the future I purchase Shasta County Real Estate I will contact you and if I meet someone looking for property in the Redding area, I will refer them to you.

Thank you.

Jim was the executor of the estate for his Aunt's home in the Ravenwood area of Redding. He and his sister called me to meet with them at the home where we went through the market conditions including the comparable sales and competitive homes on the market. Later they called and ask me to list the home. It was pleasure working with them and I appreciate they asked me to help.

Anna Heaton:

Thank you so much for you help in buying my first home. My appreciation is heartfelt and difficult to put into words. This was a very stressful time for me and you made the process enjoyable. You found the home that I wanted and made the process smooth with your follow ups, professionalism, good heart and humor.

As soon as I have my deed to the property I own in Cottonwood I will contact you to list the property. If anyone ever asks me, my son or my brother if we would recommend a real estate agent in Shasta County we would refer them to you with a positive recommendation.

Thank you again for your help and I hope to see you and work with you in the near future.

Ann is a lady with a great sense of humor who recently went through a rough time in her life, finding a home is a huge step towards the completion of that change. I look forward to working and laughing with her again soon.

As a part of her life transition Ann soon decided to move to Oregon to be closer to her son. Together we sold her home in Redding that she purchased and the vacant 40 acre property in Cottonwood she referenced. She's great lady and I am happy to have been able to help her.

Donna Rodeski & Debbie Hancock:

We went to Eric to help us sell our parents home. He promptly went to the home to assess any noticeable repairs that would be needed and he gave us some advice as to how we could make it look inviting and comfortable. Eric's advice was also to make sure that we could list it at an amount comparable with the current market. We took his advice and were surprised to receive some calls, and even some lookers, very quickly. In just one week we had an offer on the house. During the bargaining process, Eric gave us every scenario of what could happen and he kept us totally informed of any correspondence between he and the buyers realtor.

We successfully sold the house with Eric's help, even with the bumps along the way. From the beginning to the end, it was always a pleasure to go to his office to sign papers, make decisions, or to ask his advice on other matters. He has a way of making you feel at home and like you've known him for years. He's a very personable and dependable person, and most important, he's very honest. In the future he's the realtor of choice for us.

If you need a Realtor, you can't get any better than Eric Lewis.

Donna & Debbie where a pleasure to work with despite the fact they had just lost both their parents in a short period of time. I'm happy I was able to help and my heart goes out to them.

I had helped Donna and her husband Bill buy a home years before this transaction. As a Redding Realtor when past clients come back to me, it is the best complement I can receive, I thank them very much.

Benjamin Reed:

Dear Eric,

Thank you so much for being very professional and straight forward. You made the sale of my Grandmothers estate go fast and smooth, and even worked with my attorney to make sure the paperwork was proper. You also helped deal with the septic problem. You took care of things with the county inspectors, and guided me in dealing with the contractor. When my wife and I were ready to buy a house, you got us a showing on one we had our eye on. It had been taken off the market. With your help we were able to buy that house for $20,000 less than it had been listed for previously.

I am lucky that I chose you for my Realtor.

I would recommend you to anybody that wants a professional for their real-estate needs. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Sincerely, Benjamin Reed


Benjamin and Evelyn were a pleasure to help. With the loss of his Grandmother, Benjamin was the executor of the estate and the Successor Trustee of the trust also. There were two properties to sell, each had title held differently. One was a vacant land parcel and the other was the home. With the home sale we had a bit of a bumpy road when the leach field testing came back indicating it had failed. Ben stepped up and handled the situation exceptionally well and with the dignity we would all aspire to have in that situation.

Shortly after those sales it came time to find them a home, with their specific needs one home stood out... the only problem was it wasn't for sale. After a bit of time we were able to get that home under contract and recently closed the transaction.

I'm very happy to have helped and look forward to seeing both of them again soon.


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