Ridgecrest Condos, Redding CA

A Redding Condo Community


Neighborhood Highlights

The Ridgecrest Condominium complex is located at the north or upper portion of Hilltop Drive in Redding. The condo complex is the largest in Redding consisting of 128 homes in 2 phases, they were built in the mid 1980's and early 1990's. Some have spectacular views of Redding and the Sacramento River.

HOA dues in this Redding Condo complex are charged by square footage.  The smaller 2 bedroom 2 bath homes approximatley $350 per month, the larger homes will be more.  


Ridgecrest Condos - Redding CA

A variety of home styles are in this Redding Condo complex as you can see in the photos.  Some units have spectacular views of Redding and the Sacramento River, those on the ridge that overlooks the city.  Ridgecrest is a true condo complex and the only one like it in Redding.

Ridgecrest Condo Home Owner Association dues pay for maintenance of the common areas including landscaping plus the streets, vehicle storage area, pools, building structure, roofs, trash, water, etc.  Association liability insurance is a part of the expense for the common areas and buildings.

Condo Owners Insurance - The condo association maintains a blanket hazard policy for the replacement of the structure. The individual homeowners need to carry a insurance policy called a "HO-6".  It will cover your personal contents, liabilities and any "betterments and improvements" (upgrades) to the structure.  A portion of your monthly dues cover the building.


The Ridgecrest Condos: Two Phases as shown below:
88 Condos in Phase 1
28 Condos in Phase 2.


Ridgecrest Condos - Phase 1

This phase consists of 88 units with two distinctly different layouts.

Sixty Four of the condos are in buildings of 8 units per building with half upstairs and half downstairs, in each home the living space is on a single level.  They range in size from 1100 to 1350 Square feet and are 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms per condo.  The second bedroom on many of the condos are set up with a double door entry near the main entry of the home.  In the second row of pictures above the first, second and forth pictures are good exterior examples. These units have a detached single car garage located in groups just north and south of the centrally located pool.

Twenty Four of the condos are also a part of this phase and are located on the outer edges of the phase 1 footprint. There's a greater variety of sizes and floor plans, these homes have attached two car garages and are larger than the previous 64 units. These larger condo's vary in size (up to 2400 sq. ft.) with varied number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  many are townhouse style with a single shared common wall.  What you don't see in this unit is the lower level of the condo and the spectacular views from the back. Street addresses include, Ridgecrest Trail, Suncreek Trail, and Ridgetop Drive.

Other amenities: The complex includes a centrally located pool, common landscaping, and gated RV parking area.


Ridgecrest Condos - Phase 2

The Townhouse Style Homes

This phase includes 40 "Townhouse Style" condos, they are two story units with 2 car attached garages. Each condo has 2 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms upstairs. The kitchen, living area, 1/2 bathroom, and the attached two car garage are downstairs with the bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs. As you can see by the layout some of the homes face towards a center community swimming pool while units 37 thru 40 and units 7 thru 12 have some very nice views.  My understanding is 28 of these units are 1124 square feet and the other 12 condos on the view (south) side are 1144 square feet.

Other amenities: This phase has a seperate swimiing pool as the central theme that the condos surround.

Sundial Bridge in Redding and the Sacramento River

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